Saturday, April 7, 2012


We are all quite familiar with Watase Yuu, creator of the popular shoujo series Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres. Some of us might also be familiar with her other works, particularly the 6-volume manga Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), which spawned a live action J-drama in 2008. This tells the story of a naive girl named Izawa Riiko who has bad luck in finding a boyfriend, and the love triangle that ensues between her, her cyborg doll Tenjo Night, and her childhood friend Asamoto Soushi

There is an upcoming Taiwanese drama adaptation which will star Goo Hye Sun, the multi-talented korean artist known for her playing Geum Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers, and Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang, who has also appeared in many manga-turned-Taiwanese drama adaptations like It Started with a Kiss, Hana Kimi and Momo Love.

Here's a steamy teaser trailer of this series~

Definitely looking forward to this! (≧∇≦)/

Absolute Darling  (絕對達令), starts airing this Sunday, April 8, in FTV/GTV. A South Korean adaptation will presumably follow later this year.

  *This post is a mirror of a longer FANGIRL-RANT version in my blog : A Piffle Princess Story 


許・美美 said...

"Cyborg Doll"? You mean like a Chobit? :x

OMG Fahrenheit!!! I knew he looked familiar, eeek~ ♥

On another note, I think a poster of Zettai Kareshi was sold in AXN's anime con here when Yuu Watase came for a visit. People didn't really like how the auction went, because they'd sell 5 same-designed posters. @_@;;; So some got sold for much higher than others.

misakichan said...

Male Chobit with muscles ish yummeh~ XDXDXD


So you met Yuu Watase when she came~ waaaaaaaa..... >__<

I have yet to read the Zettai Kareshi manga. It's only 6-volumes long, so it's not gonna take long to finish. The major difference though is that in the manga, the characters are still in high school, and in the both drama adaptations they are office workers already. Which I guess is more appropriate, as there are quite a lot of sexual innuendos here... (or so I've heard~ ^^;; )

I'm not really familiar with Fahrenheit's songs. I know they are really popular, but I've never really seen them perform. Not yet anyway. My TWnese boyband fandom ended with F4, I guess. XDXDXD

許・美美 said...

O-oh... well... *u*;;; I wouldn't mind owning a male chobit. x3

Not really... I saw her, but didn't get to meet her. >: Kinda sad actually.

...OH! Oooh... yes, office workers. *cough* Seems much more appropriate. xD I need to finish Kaichou wa Maid-sama's manga first before I get into that one.

I don't know Fahrenheit much either. My sis is a huge fan though, and she says all of them are "cute". She's always playing their songs, and that's as much as I know of them. xD