Saturday, August 18, 2012

宇宙戦隊NOIZ : Narda

I keep seeing links of this in my Facebook news feed, and I thought it was a local group trying to look like a j-rock band, or a visual kei group singing a local song in Japanese.

I am wrong in both accounts, and you have to watch the video to understand why.

If you are from the Philippines, then you would be familiar with Kamikazee's popular hit song, Narda. And if you just watched the video above, then you're probably as bewildered and as overwhelmed as I am right now.

Uchuu Sentai NOIZ (宇宙戦隊NOIZ)  is a Japanese visual kei rock band which was formed back in 1999 and is currently composed of five members -- Angel Taka, Masato, KyoKotaro and Yamato.

According to Wikipedia, "they are known for their energetic music, wild cosplay-like outfits, and live shows full of energy and on stage antics. Their music is very eclectic and has many different elements from genres such as punk, pop, metal, hip-hop and electronica in their sound and thus cannot be properly labeled". Curiosity got the best of me and I listened to some of their songs and watched some PVs. I actually found them quite exciting and enjoyable. ^w^

I don't know why they decided to do a cover of Narda, but I think it's a great song and an awesome rendition. The band has performed live in Davao City last year for the Mindanao Cosplay Summit. They are expected to perform again in Davao on September 7-9, 2012 and during the Best of Anime 2012 event in Manila on September 15-16, 2012.

Monday, August 6, 2012

EXO-M: Mama

MAMA can you please tell me, why people can change
Did those perfect days that I heard of really exist before
I had already long forgotten that I should work harder to love people
I had already long forgotten that my heart should embrace people
Is pretending to be busy a life of only protecting yourself?

Translations by: LalaLaddy

I don't know what is with me and these creepy lyrics, but I can’t resist songs with good beats and violin arrangements. I actually heard this in Korean first, but I fell in love with the Chinese version mainly because I can sing in Chinese but fail miserably in Korean.

Right, next time, I’ll pick a less depressing song to feature. I promise! o(>o<)o

Saturday, August 4, 2012

ラブコメ Love Come

love comeA timid anime screenwriter, Miharu has been working hard on finishing his series inspired from his childhood crush, Makie. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to find the inspiration he needs to write a proper ending because he’s still in love with her, even though it has been 17 years since he’s last seen her. He decides to pay Makie a visit (or rather, “stalk her”) at their family’s flower shop where Makie is now the manager.

I’ve seen this show twice on Screen Red Asia, and I still get all these fluffy feelings afterwards. Even the side story of Makie’s assistant Ryoko and the anime voice actor Nishijima had a rather nice touch to it.

Personally, Makie is my favorite character, because it’s not everyday that I get to see a tomboy-ish girl fall in love with (as in my brother’s words) “such a pathetic guy!” I was only interested in watching this because Miharu is an anime screenwriter! How could I resist that?

Oh, and the mere fact that my brother watched this with me should be enough to tell you that this is not one of those long-winding dramas that guys get bored with. It’s a light-hearted, romantic comedy that’s really cute and highly recommended! I should find the DVD copy…