Name: 許・美美 (Xi Mei-Mei)
Nickname: Rei Kuassary
A.I. Rank: Administrator
Date of Birth: February 16
Specialty: Cosplay and Music
Occupation: Freelance Mangaka
Website: Kurohiko
A writer by trade and an artist by heart, Rei's A.I. name came from two characters: Ray Yozora of Shin Hakenden and Maria "Kuassary" Tachibana of Sakura Wars. The "Spirit of a Phoenix" became the name of her first blog back in 2002, and she has been writing ever since.
Name: Kristine
Nickname: misakichan
A.I. Rank: Moderator
Date of Birth: March 14
Specialty: Hoarding and Fangirling
Occupation: Physician
Website: A Piffle Princess Story
Previously known in A.I. as rurouni_krstn, this blundering wanderer still has a bad sense of direction and hence cannot finish RPGs. She loves to hoard animes, mangas, toys and books, and always has at least 40 queues in her BitTorrent client. She also loves coffee, pandas, potatoes, and beautiful men~ ♥
Name: Allan
Nickname: Shijirou
A.I. Rank: Administrator
Date of Birth: November 4
Specialty: Games
Occupation: unknown
Website: not available
An "old" admin of the Anime Illusions forum. A geek, tinkerer and a gamer at heart. And just recently a "Brony"
Name: Jeni
Nickname: Venus-sama
A.I. Rank: Administrator
Date of Birth: October 14
Specialty: Games, Music, and Movies
Occupation: Payroll Administration
Website: Another Blonde Moment
"I joined A.I. around 1999, and was known as the British Bishie Manga Queen xD I am addicted to Sailor Moon, gaming and Utada Hikaru! Long live Sailor Moon!!! ♥"
Name: "D"
Nickname: Nanase
A.I. Rank: Moderator
Date of Birth: May 24
Specialty: Music and Games
Occupation: Account Manager in an Ad Agency
Website: not available
In her spare time, Nanase volunteers in Cosplay events and performs with her j-music cover bands, 3daytrial and Ultramarine Weather.
Name: Armaine
Nickname: Fenn
A.I. Rank: Member
Date of Birth: April 5
Specialty: Photography
Occupation: unknown
Website: the dream machine
"I am self-taught Filipina amateur photographer who is highly fascinated with unusually beautiful things--tangible or not. I usually end up interpreting these through photographs and illustrations."
Name: Chip
Nickname: Chip / Squareh00r
A.I. Rank: Member
Date of Birth: May 10
Specialty: Games, and a hint of Photography
Occupation: Works for the Legal Department of a Corporation in the Philippines
Website: I am the Squareh00r
A gamer who took the nickname "Squareh00r" (which means, Square-Enix... erm... you know the rest), and is a learning photographer, he tries to fit in all these things during his spare time in or out of work. Used to watch a lot of anime series during the peak of AXN in the Philippines, he has now trimmed the show down to Naruto: Shippuuden, and the recently remade Hunter x Hunter.