Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wow Toy Museum

ah my goddess! banpei figure

When I went to visit my uncle some time ago, he had already updated his Toy Museum with two new rooms full of toys. The museum is located in his house, so it makes me wonder if he will still have a room to sleep in once he’s done displaying all the toys in his collection.

card captor sakura chibi li shao ran figure

The thing about his displays is that you really need to take the time to look through everything because some of the toys are mixed in with his other collections. I found little Shao Ran beside a small bottle of Musk cologne for men!

anime girl figure with rc cars

See what I mean? Although I do like how the scale looks, and going through the museum makes you feel like you’re going on a treasure hunt~! No toys to bring home, but you can take as many photos as you want though. :3

street fighter / capcom figure

I apologize for the quality, but this was still in the original box, and it was covered in plastic, so it doesn’t photograph well. I think this is one of my favorites in his new collection, but I have no idea who she is. I remember seeing a “Street Fighter” or “Capcom” logo on it though?

gundam seed chibi lacus clyne figure

This is definitely one of my favorites. If you watched Gundam Seed, you’ll probably remember this episode when Yamato Kira first met Lacus Clyne. Kira did return her to her fiancé, Athrun Zala, but she had to wear a space suit for the exchange since they were in outer space. Lacus brought her dress with her inside the suit and that’s why she looks pregnant! xD Athrun’s face was priceless in that episode. >u<;;;

I have that same Lunamaria Hawke figure in the background too. :D Guess uncle and I have the same tastes.

nadesico ruri hoshino figure

You won't find this at the museum because this Ruri Hoshino figure is from uncle’s private collection. I took a photo of her when uncle was busy chatting with my mom. xD I think Ruri’s the real inspiration behind Eri from A.illusions, but I’ve never seen an episode of Nadesico. @u@;;;

mini food collection

Now this is something I’m thinking about collecting myself. I mean, if I can’t eat it, might as well have a mini display of it, right? But then again, that just might make me hungry all the time, so I guess I’ll just take photos instead. =A=;;;

hello kitty mini food collection

And this one, I took a photo of, just for Tiffy. :3a


Azureh Chango said...

:o ooh cute cute! are those RE-MENT?! I want to collect those ;_;

許・美美 said...

Er... what's RE-MENT? xD

Azureh Chango said...

the mini food stuffs :D they're cute cute!!!

許・美美 said...

Oh so THAT's what they're called! There've been a bunch of them in toy stores lately (which confuzzles me because they're NOT SAFE FOR THE KIDDIES!!!), but I'm trying to keep myself from buying them because they make me hungry. TAT;;;

Azureh Chango said...

Aww no where near me sells them~ /jealous

They are meant for adults, usually miniature collectors or doll collectors. Lots of people use them in their Pullip, Blyth, or BJD (ball-joint doll) crafts/photographs.

許・美美 said...

...well there's an idea. They would look great with my nedroids~ xD I prefer furniture though~ ♥ Maybe when I get a dinner table and cabinet, I can buy mini foodz~

Azureh Chango said...

nuu~ they do come with furniture also :D

Kitchen sets, dining sets, and restaurant sets. Also things like ovens, microwaves, menu's for the restaurant. They've also done various furniture sets like 50's and "Asian" style. Most of these are for limited time though, more limited then when they do food stuffs.

Check out RRcherrypie on YouTube, I know she has a kitchen set (counter, pots, pans, sink, etc) and a restaurant set, and I thiiiink she has a dining set, but I'm not sure if its her or someone else lol.